Copper CUOF

Copper Cuc1 or Cu OF : Oxygen-free electrolytic copper 

Copper Cu OF (Oxygen Free) is a high purity copper without oxygen. This copper, also known as Cuc1, has a high electrical conductivity. It is characterised above all by its minimum copper content of 99.95%. With such a high copper content in its composition, it is insensitive to reducing atmospheres. Thanks to its very low impurity content, it is ideal for use in the electronics industry. This copper has all the qualities of the other categories (Cu-a and Cu-b) but with greater electrical and thermal conductivity and better solderability.


Cu OF and its standards

Cu OF has other international designations such as :


Properties of Cu OF :

Cuc1 or CuOF, has many properties such as excellent thermal and electrical conductivity due to the absence of oxygen. It has good weldability and does not become brittle when heated in a reducing atmosphere. It is very malleable, as it has excellent deep-drawing properties and is not hydrogen brittle. Its excellent tin-dip tin-plating and galvanising properties make it easily solderable with very good cold or hot deformability.
Attention, it is easily solderable with inert gas but not necessarily for laser welding.

Consult the technical data sheet for copper Cu OF


Cold forming Very good
Machining Inappropriate
Galvanising Very good
Immersion tinning Very good
Soft soldering Very good
Electric welding Inappropriate
Inert gas welding Very good
Laser welding Medium


Chemical composition in % Physical characteristics (at 20°C)
Cu > 99.95 Electrical conductivity (%IACS) 100
Pb 0.005 maxi Electrical resistivity (MS/m) 58
Total other impurities 0.03 maxi Thermal conductivity (W/m.K) 394
  Modulus of elasticity (Kn/mm²) 127
  Coef. of thermal expansion (10-6/K) 17.7


Field of application of Cu OF

Cuc1 copper is used in the electronics industry and superconductors such as fibre optic submarine cables and coaxial cables. And in vacuum applications it is used as waveguides, seals, etc.


Copper supplier CuOF / Cuc1

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