Copper CuETP

Description of CUETP copper

CuETP (Electrolytic Tough-Pitch) is pure copper. This copper is electrolytically refined and has a high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is suitable for products intended to act as electrical conductors. It will therefore be used in electrical installations (switchboards and cabinets). It is also sometimes referred to as electrolytic copper.
It is characterised by a minimum copper content of 99.90% and an electrical conductivity of 100% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). Only silver has a higher electrical conductivity (106% IACS).
However, it contains oxygen, which makes it sensitive to reducing atmospheres and therefore lacks ductibility after annealing in the presence of hydrogen. Indeed, it does not withstand operations requiring heating at high temperatures (over 300°C) such as with a blowtorch. However, the oxygen present in copper at levels of a few hundred ppm gives it certain special properties.
Cu ETP can be easily welded (under appropriate conditions) but inert gas or laser welding remains difficult. It has good machinability, and its suitability for electrolytic or hot tin plating is excellent. It also has very good cold forming properties, allowing it to be adapted to almost any production requirement.
Cuivre Cu-ETP

CuETP and its standards

At the international level, the standards are different and Cu ETP is designated in different ways: 
  • France (AFNOR): CuA1 / Cu-ETP 
  • Germany (DIN): E-Cu 58
  • Europe (EN): CW004A 
  • ASTM : C11000

Properties of the CU ETP

Copper CuETP has many advantages, not least because it contains oxygen: it is particularly resistant to corrosion, conducts heat very well and has excellent electrical conductivity. However, welding CuETP (especially with a torch) is not recommended because it is sensitive to heat in a reducing atmosphere.
Consult the detailed technical data sheet for Cu ETP copper

Field of application of Cu-ETP

CuETP is the most widely used alloy in the electrical field, manufacturing stamped parts for electrical contacts, strips for cables, transformers, windings.

Hot deformability Good
Cold deformability Excellent
Cold reduction before annealing 90% max
Machinability (Basic reference: brass from
bar turning CuZn39Pb2 =100)
Soft soldering Excellent
Hard soldering Good
Arc welding in a gaseous atmosphere Medium
Arc welding with coated wire electrode Not recommended
Electric resistance welding :
Per point Not recommended
Placed end to end Good
Corrosion resistance :
Acetic acids Good
Hydrochloric acid Medium
Sea water Good
60% sulphuric acid Medium
Acidic waters Good


Chemical composition in % Physical characteristics (at 20°C)
Cu + Ag > 99.90 Density (kg/dm3) 8.9
0.005 - 0.04 Electrical conductivity (%IACS) >100
Pb 0.005 max Electrical resistivity (MS/m) <1.72
Total other impurities 0.03 max Thermal conductivity (W/m.K) 393.6
  Modulus of elasticity (Kn/mm²) 120
  Coef. of thermal expansion (10-6/K) 16.8
  Melting temperature (°C) 1083
  Shear modulus (kN/mm²) 45


Supplier of copper CuA1 or CuETP

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