Copper CuDLP

CuDLP also known as CuB2

CuDLP or CuB2 is a copper alloy with excellent mechanical properties and good electrical and thermal conductivity. It has good solderability. CuDLP is a low-alloyed copper (Cu 99.9%, P 0.005-0.012%) for the manufacture of machined parts. Cu DLP is used in the aerospace and mechanical industries.

The production of this phosphor makes it oxygen-free and therefore insensitive to reducing atmospheres. Highly ductile and malleable, it is particularly suitable for stamping and boilermaking work. It also has good electrical (90% IACS) and thermal conductivity. It is non-magnetic and non-sparking which makes it a material of choice for parts in explosive environments (explosion-proof tools, crane rollers, etc.).

Cuivre Cu-DLP



Field of application of CuDLP

CUDLP copper is used for electrical applications (strips for cables, busbars = interconnection bar, leadframe...), industrial applications (welded tubes, apparatus construction, heat exchangers, radiators...).   

Hot deformability Good
Cold deformability Excellent
Cold reduction before annealing 95% max
Machinability (Basic reference: brass from
bar turning CuZn39Pb2 =100)
Soft soldering Excellent
Hard soldering Excellent
Arc welding in a gaseous atmosphere Good
Arc welding with coated wire electrode Not recommended
Electric resistance welding :
Per point Not recommended
Placed end to end Good
Corrosion resistance :
Acetic acids Good
Hydrochloric acid Medium
Sea water Good
60% sulphuric acid Medium
Acidic waters Good


Chemical composition in % Physical characteristics (at 20°C)
Cu + Ag > 99.90 Density (kg/dm3) 8.9
P 0.005 - 0.013 Electrical conductivity (%IACS) 92
Pb 0.005 max Electrical resistivity (MS/m) 1.89
Total other impurities 0.005 max Thermal conductivity (W/m.K) 380
  Modulus of elasticity (Kn/mm²) 120
  Coef. of thermal expansion (10-6/K) 16.8
  Melting temperature (°C) 1083
  Shear modulus (kN/mm²) 45


International Cu DLP standards

At the international level, the standards are different and CuDLP has several designations: 

Refer to the detailed technical data sheet for Cu DLP copper


Copper supplier CuDLP / CuB2 / C12000 / CW023A

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