Bronze CuSn4

CuSn4 bronze is a copper alloy reinforced by a solid solution with 4% tin.
CuSn4 offers an excellent combination of strength, formability and hardness. It has good electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance. Welding and brazing properties are excellent.

CuSn4 standards :

The CuSn4 alloy has different international standards and is designated in different ways as shown below:

CuSn4 and its properties :

It has very good properties that make it resistant to industrial atmosphere. It has good electrical conductivity, excellent formability, very good corrosion and abrasion resistance. It can be easily welded and brazed.

See CuSn4 technical data sheet.

Hot deformability Low
Cold deformability Excellent
Cold reduction before annealing 80% max
Machinability (Basic reference: brass from
bar turning CuZn39Pb2 =100)
Soft soldering Excellent
Hard soldering Excellent
Arc welding in a gaseous atmosphere Good
Arc welding with coated wire electrode Medium
Electric resistance welding :
Per point Good
Placed end to end Excellent
Corrosion resistance :
Acids Excellent
Sea water Good
Marine Atmosphere Medium


Applications :

CuSn4 bronze is used in various fields. Its main use is for the production of electrical connectors, but it is also used for the production of components in electrical engineering, relays and conductive springs, retaining clips, metal pipes, bushings and in mechanical engineering.

Chemical composition in % Physical characteristics (at 20°C)
Sn 3.0 - 5.0 Density (kg/dm3) 8.85
P 0.01 - 0.40 Electrical conductivity (%IACS) 20.5
Zn 0.2 max Electrical resistivity (MS/m) 12
Ni 0.2 max Thermal conductivity (W/m.K) 84
Fe 0.1 max Modulus of elasticity (Kn/mm²) 118
Total other impurities 0.2 max Coef. of thermal expansion (10-6/K) 18.2
Cu Remains Melting temperature (°C) 960 - 1070
  Shear modulus (kN/mm²) 45


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